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By working with Bonfire Consulting, participants will have new ways to understand themselves, those they work with, and the culture they are in. This will lead to more engagement, innovation, and productivity.

After working with us, our customers will be:

  1. More adaptable, more collaborative, and more innovative
  2. Better at navigating challenges and accomplishing their goals

Below are some of the Learning Outcomes that people receive from Bonfire Consulting programs:

  1. Better at working on various types of goals and projects
  2. Able to navigate and lead change
  3. More adaptable and agile
  4. Improve risk taking, open-mindedness, and dealing with ambiguity
  5. Know how to leverage their personality strengths and soften their blind spots
  6. Expand the ability to communicate and collaborate with different types of people
  7. Boost inclusion and cognitive diversity skills
  8. Better understanding on sources of interpersonal conflict and how to reduce tension
  9. Enhance the ability to get ideas heard, talk to upper levels, and influence
  10. How to work in groups and on projects that have risk and revolutionary/disruptive goals

Benefits to the organization include:

  1. A boost to productivity and output – higher performing people, leaders, and teams produce better results
  2. A more innovative, inclusive, and collaborative culture – when people understand how to be innovative, that permeates the culture in positive ways.
  3. Being more adaptable and agile when going through times of change – in complex times, being more collaborative and nimble helps organizations be successful    
  4. Increase in risk taking and the amount of new ideas being shared – growing  psychological safety positively impacts idea sharing and the ability to work on more out-of-the-box ideas 
  5. A more engaged workplace – when feelings of being heard, valued, and appreciated increase, so does the positivity of the workforce. This impacts employee retention and recruiting