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This video explains how and why the Innomada Community was created. The following text provides a synopsis.  

Andrew Harrison had a great career. He had written two books and various papers. He spent time as a business professor. And he had 15-plus years of experience working with clients that range from Fortune 100, U.S. government, mid-size organizations, non-profits, to entrepreneurial startups.

But Covid times caused him to pause and reflect on his work and life.

“Traveling the U.S. and world doing work provided for a lot of amazing experiences, clients, and connections, but the Covid shift made me really think about what I was doing. And I wasn’t happy.”

After contemplation he felt, “I wasn’t helping people as much as I could. I had more to give. I had more to share.”

Realizations didn’t come overnight, but eventually a vision and mission came to be.

“First, I knew that what I was teaching was good and was helping people. But I was mainly working with big organizations. I truly enjoy that, but I wanted the lessons to be available to more people than just the big budget organizations. In order to do that, I knew that I needed to take my work and move it online.”

“Secondly, I have seen so many leaders struggle with being innovative. Being an innovative leader is not easy. I knew I wanted to help leaders grow and evolve. Being a more innovative leader is great for you, but also a boost for the people that are working with and for you.”

Those contemplations, reflections, and realizations are how Innomada Community and Innomada Boot Camp came to be.

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