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Innomada Boot Camp is an educational training program made for today’s virtual world. It combines research and real-world experiences with cutting-edge methodologies and best practices. This mix gives participants actionable learning and the ability to match their behavior to the type of project and type of people they are working with. As an end result, Innomada Boot Campers will boost their individual performance and know how to take their groups to the next level.

Innomada Boot Camp Logo


To make participants more adaptable, collaborative, and innovative

Type of Program

Online course with live facilitation, pairs discussions, and small group work

Length of Program

Six content modules
Two small group Solutions Sessions
Based on pre-Boot Camp surveys, leaders will be matched into pairs and small groups
1 Module One
Leadership Environment
2 Module Two
Strengths Based Leadership
3 Module Three
Leading Teams
4 Small Group Solutions Session 1
5 Module Four
Leadership Essentials
6 Module Five
Actionable Innovation
7 Small Group Solutions Session 2
8 Module Six
Key Learnings & Action Steps


Innomada Boot Camp is designed for Executives, Team Leaders, Managers, New Managers, Project Managers, Struggling Managers, High Potentials, Startups, and Entrepreneurs



Materials Received

Each participant will receive workbooks and recap slides for each module, personalized Innovation Strengths Preference Indicator® (ISPI™) feedback report, and Innomada Boot Camp completion certificate



Existing Teams/Groups/Organizations

An entire team/group/organization can go through Innomada Boot Camp together as part of their own separate program. We will customize the program with relevant content, goals, and logos. Contact us to discuss goals, desired outcomes, and pricing.

You can be a better leader. You can be a more innovative leader. We can help.

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