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Andrew’s capability to open the minds of our staff members brought about many positive changes. He was instrumental in improving our communication skills and forming a team atmosphere that has our staff working smarter, not harder towards our company goals.

- Human Resource and Organizational Development Director
Manufacturing Company

We were really impressed with Andrew’s insights and have really taken to heart the comments he made. Andrew also made a lasting impression on our managers; many have commented that his words stuck with them and that their daily attitudes have improved.

- Vice President
Financial Services Organization

We worked with Andrew to help bring additional creativity and innovation to a sales and marketing retreat. The exercises and concepts he used caused each of us to reflect on our personal perspectives in a unique way. Sharing our insights with the full group helped us see one another, our team goals and the challenges we were facing with more openness and collaboration.

- Vice President Marketing
Food Service Software Provider

Andrew did a fantastic job helping our team. He was able to tactfully point out that our lack of inter-personal communication was impeding our job performance in some areas. Not only was he able to bring this out, he brought situational awareness and gave team building ideas to help us cope. He helped us regain our foothold and move forward with constructive ideas that we still practice today.

- Senior Technical Product Specialist Manager
Multi-national technology product and service organization

Andrew tailored his program to our company and provided a forum for discussion that produced great results.

- President
Manufacturing Company

Exceptionally well informed, Andrew validates his knowledge with excellent ‘real world’ experience that is a refreshing change from many armchair theorists.

- Chapter President
Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)

Our organization was experiencing turnover and our employee satisfaction surveys were demonstrating a sustained trend in employee disengagement. Andrew helped facilitate the generation, experimentation, and implementation of new approaches and activities that improved and expanded our organization’s mission and work. He encouraged the group to articulate and exhibit a consistent philosophical stance regarding risk taking and failures for their business unit.

- Chief Human Resources Officer & Chief Diversity Officer
International non-profit serving 45 million people in 119 countries

Andrew was extremely accommodating in tailoring a program that met the needs of our diverse audience. He did a fantastic job introducing key concepts on how to build an effective team and provided information that was applicable for all participants, regardless of company size or industry. I would definitely recommend Andrew to a friend or colleague looking for a subject-matter expert who is ‘down-to-earth’, approachable and has real-life experience that he is eager to share!

- HR Consulting Services Manager
Human Resources Solutions Provider and National Human Resources Association (NHRA) Affiliate Programs