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The more innovative and inspiring a leader is, the more successful they and their teams will be. By becoming a member of the Innomada Community or taking Innomada Boot Camp, participants will have new ways to understand leadership, results, and being innovative. This understanding will lead to a more effective leader that has more engaged and productive groups.  

Learning Outcomes:

  1. How to be more adaptable, collaborative, and innovative
  2. How to navigate challenges and achieve goals in their current culture
  3. How to better lead different types of projects and different types of groups
  4. Know how to leverage their personality strengths and soften blind spots
  5. Improve how to lead and communicate with different types of people
  6. Understand and increase psychological safety and team growth
  7. Ways to increase trust, accountability, and the ability to have critical conversations
  8. Improve risk taking, open-mindedness, and dealing with ambiguity
  9. Enhance the ability to get ideas heard, talk to different levels, and influence
  10. Be a leader that people want to work with

Positive impact for those that the work with the leader:

  1. Increased team communication, performance, and output
  2. Working in a more innovative, inclusive, and collaborative culture
  3. More feelings of being understood, heard, valued, and appreciated
  4. Increase in risk taking, the number of new ideas being shared, as well as more out-of-the-box ideas   
  5. Improved communication within the team and outside the team
  6. More likely to have a psychologically safe environment
  7. More accountability to one another
  8. Enhanced employee engagement scores and motivation level – better leaders have more engaged employees and teams
  9. Improved employee retention percentages – people will want to stay with the group/company
  10. Better client satisfaction and retention – more engaged employees have more engaged clients