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We are living in a new era. An era of change, disruption, and ambiguity. This new era needs more adaptable, collaborative, and innovative leaders. That is us, the Innomada Community.

This community will make a positive difference in our organizations and in our people. You will help change the world by innovatively leading your slice of the world.

Being an innovative leader is not easy. The Innomada faculty and Community are here to help you. There are three ways to become part of the Community:

    • Grab a seat around the Innomada Bonfire
      • The most personal and in-depth way to work with us. You will join a cohort of people taking part in ongoing workshop content, individual coaching, and collaboration events
    • Sign up for the next Innomada Boot Camp
      • An educational training program where you will join with others and learn key foundational lessons for being a more innovative leader
    • Sign up for our free Community
      • Receive ongoing educational innovative content

Results of learning from the Innomada Community:

  1. Be someone people want to work with and for
  2. Make more of a difference and have more impact
  3. Improve at leading different types of change
  4. Be a more innovative and motivating leader
  5. Develop adaptability and agility
  6. Expand risk taking, open-mindedness, and dealing with ambiguity
  7. Become more effective and efficient in setting goals and leading projects
  8. Know how to leverage personality strengths and soften blind spots
  9. Become a more inclusive leader


1 12 content group sessions
2 12 one-on-one coaching sessions
3 4 bonus sessions (guest speakers, group solutions and problem solving)
4 Personal one-on-one ISPI Feedback session
5 Group Q&A with Innomada faculty
6 Ongoing Community forum interactions
7 Guidebooks, forms, and tip sheets
8 Group-based grand challenge

You can be a better leader. You can be a more innovative leader. We can help.

Join the Innomada Community today and get:

  • A PDF of the top three success tips for innovative leaders
  • Ongoing innovative leader content
  • A free one-on-one consultation with Andrew Harrison
    • Discuss your goals and challenges
    • Determine if you are a fit for the Innomada Bonfire and Boot Camp

Download Innomada Community PDF