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Many Boot Campers ask if we can do more in-depth work with them and their team. Our faculty can provide you additional learning, training and development via:

One-on-one coaching

  • Work with a coach that will help you hit your goals
  • Get matched to one of our coaches by background and psychological preferences


  • Goal Setting
  • Communication and Culture
  • Team Personality Profile
  • Innovation Alignment
  • Ideation Events
  • Successful Startups
  • Intraprenurial Behaviors
  • Cross-functional Interactions


  • Longer term engagements typically centered around innovation, change, culture, risk taking, and/or strategy mapping


  • Have Andrew Harrison or one of our faculty speak to your organization or trade association


  • When people and teams work together there can be conflict. We work with you on conflict mediation with the end of goal of togetherness and alignment


  • Teams/groups can go through Innomada Boot Camp together as part of their own separate program. Contact us to discuss desired learning goals, if customization makes sense and pricing.

Organization Boot Camp

  • If an entire organization would like to go through Innomada Boot Camp together, we can customize the program with relevant content, goals and logos. Contact us to discuss desired outcomes and pricing.