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  • To develop a new wave of adaptable, collaborative, and innovative leaders.


  • Utilize our experience, tools, and techniques to teach leaders and groups how to navigate their challenges and achieve their goals.
  • Share innovative lessons and best practices with people that don’t have big organization budgets.

Andrew Harrison

Andrew Harrison is the founder of the Innomada Community and lead faculty for Innomada Boot Camp. They incorporate his publications and 15-plus years of experience working with clients that range from Fortune 100, U.S. government, mid-size organizations, non-profits, to entrepreneurial startups.

The word Innomada is a blend of innovative and omada,
the Greek word for group or team.

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The Innomada Community was created to help people learn how to be more adaptable, collaborative, and innovative via ongoing content, coaching, and collaborations.
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Innomada Boot Camp is an educational training program that combines experience and research with cutting-edge methodologies and best practices to produce more innovative leaders.

We would love to know what brings you here. What are you looking to achieve as a more innovative leader? What is your biggest challenge right now?

You can be a better leader. You can be a more innovative leader. We can help.

Join the Innomada Community today and get:

  • A PDF of the top three success tips for innovative leaders
  • Ongoing innovative leader content
  • A free one-on-one consultation with Andrew Harrison
    • Discuss your goals and challenges
    • Determine if you are a fit for the Innomada Bonfire and Boot Camp

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